In recent decades, the aviation sector has been severely deregulated and privatized. Partly because of this, the aviation sector has not only become more dynamic, but the focus of almost all actors within that sector has also evolved in the direction of profit maximization. All this coupled with an environment with continuous and rapid technological and organizational development, must increasingly take environmental factors into account.

An important consequence of this evolution is that every actor, from carrier to airport operator to service provider, must constantly pay attention to the crucial variables of their own policy, ranging from a strict cost analysis to making reliable demand forecasts. In addition, a unique industrial-economic structure has to be continuously anticipated, with quite a lot of new market entries, mergers, acquisitions, and bankruptcies. Hence the need to also have insight into the underlying relationships between the various actors as a starting point.

The AIROBS partners have industrial-economic knowledge of each of the crucial decision variables. They have a set of their own scientific and policy instruments, but at the same time have the flexibility to build new tools together with external partners to deploy them in strategies that are crucial to the specific aviation actor.