Safety and Security


The AIROBS partners will evaluate the major challenges in aviation safety, regarding:

  • Increasing competitiveness is a challenge for safety in any industry. New technologies will have an impact on operations as well as on existing certification methods and standards;
  • New business models such as that of low-cost airlines mean fewer people in the organisation, technology is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Driverless cars are fast approaching, so what about single-pilot or even pilotless passenger-carrying planes? Even before we reach that point, the amount of automation in the cockpit and for the air traffic controller is steadily increasing;
  • Unmanned vehicles such as drones are the gamechanger that aviation is currently trying to get to grips with, as they bring not only new vehicles (from aeroplane-sized to swarms of far smaller drones) into our skies, but new aviation partners such as Amazon and Google, but the introduction of these new aerial systems and new players into an existing tightly-regulated and controlled system is a major challenge, and
  • Weather remains one of the major challenges to aviation safety, from icing effects both on the ground and at altitude, to thunderstorms and lightning strikes, to fog and snow at airports, to major events such as volcanic ash clouds that can affect large swathes of European airspace. The ability to predict and avoid or mitigate such weather effects, and the capacity of pilots to safely navigate around or through adverse weather patterns, remains a key focus in aviation safety.


Common Airport Security Challenges

Asset protection and efficiency are the two biggest challenges for the airport industry including commercial service and all other airport categories evaluated by AIROBS partners helping airport professionals to carefully balance passenger expectations of timeliness and comfort with a large number of potential security risks and compliance requirements. With so many moving parts, a large volume of people and cargo, and the need to ensure that a vast operations area meets both security and quality standards, AIROBS partners will identify the challenges that are most difficult for security teams to overcome.

Providing Security Requirements and Mitigating Challenges

With so many areas to proactively manage and control, how can security teams manage it all? The sheer volume of what goes on in an airport requires nothing short of a robust set of supervisory tools and powerful oversight designed to see it all at a glance with relevant alerts built-in at appropriate places. AIROBS partners will track and report to ensure compliance at every step of a shift.